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Section 301. Eligibility - Eligibility for membership in the FRA shall be restricted to personnel who have served or are now serving in an enlisted status in the United States NavyMarine Corps, or Coast Guard, regardless of length of service, including reserve components. 

Section 301(a). Personnel of the Naval Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, or Coast Guard Reserve must serve one year in a drilling status or have served on extended active duty in excess of thirty days to be eligible. 

Section 301 (b). Personnel discharged for purpose of separation, commissioning, or enlistment into non-Sea Service components shall remain eligible. 

Section 301(c). Personnel discharged in the general categories from any U.S. Armed Forces are not eligible. 

Section 303. Life Membership - All persons eligible for membership in the Fleet Reserve Association, may become life members. An eligible member desirous of becoming a life member shall complete an application for life membership. The application shall be submitted to the Finance Officer, directly or through the branch secretary. A copy of the application shall be returned to the applicant by the Finance Officer. 

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